LADF Allocation $12,000,000
Total NMTC Funding $12,000,000
Total Project Cost $14,536,400
Permanent Jobs Retained 20
Permanent Jobs Created 70
Construction Jobs Created 12
Square Footage Created 22,000
The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles, INC (“Sponsor” or “SCLA”), was founded in 1985 by actor Ben Donenberg. The mission of SCLA is to ignite personal and community transformation through producing world-class theatrical productions, providing best practices for high-quality arts education experiences, and offering national award-winning arts-based workforce development programs targeting underserved youth and veterans. SCLA demonstrates that excellent, accessible, and immersive arts engagement builds community and changes lives. Additionally, they have numerous programs focusing on disadvantaged and unemployed veterans.

The project encompasses transforming its distressed 13,416 square foot warehouse into a 22,000 square foot community cultural facility. This facility will have a 300-seat theater that can be converted into a fully equipped rental income-generating sound stage. Additionally, the facility will have dedicated spaces for a cultural and educational enrichment facility, and workforce training center. The plans for the rental stage include raising the roof and installing infrastructure to support film, television, and streaming production.

SCLA's expansion will bring forth positive impacts for the community. Expanding SCLA’s paid workforce programs to operate year-round will not only benefit the participants, but it will also have a catalytic effect on the surrounding Los Angeles community. Additional jobs through SCLA will benefit local businesses and reduce the likelihood of after-hours juvenile crime within the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police Department's Rampart Division. Furthermore, an expanded professional training program will support local school curriculums by offering teachers certified professional development and emphasizing the importance of high-quality arts education.