to create jobs, boost the economy of distressed communities, and improve the quality of life for everyone living within the City of Los Angeles
The LADF helps the City meet its economic goals of creating new jobs, ensuring job retention, attracting new business and industries, and promoting the development, establishment and expansion of industries and commerce through the use of NMTC’s. This program is available specifically for low-income communities where projects are selected which will require a subsidy in order to be developed.

Low-income communities benefit from the impact of these investments of newly created or rehabilitated construction and new jobs, which bring improved access to goods and services. In addition, increased foot traffic in previously underserved markets can encourage future development.

Private investment capital for businesses or economic development projects is generated through the New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC). The program was designed to increase the flow of capital to businesses and low income communities by providing a tax incentive to private investors. Those NMTCs are sold to investors, and the proceeds from the sale are used by LADF to make an equity investment in projects. The NMTC has proven to be an effective, targeted and cost-efficient financing tool benefiting communities experiencing greater economic distress within the City of Los Angeles.
Frequently Asked Questions About the LADF and the NMTC Program
The LADF is a certified Community Development Entity.

The LADF's core business strategy consists of the following:
  • Minimize transaction costs
  • LADF Acronyms and Definitions
  • Maximize subsidy/tax credit benefits to borrowers
  • Provide investment capital to communities most in need
  • Maximize leveraging of tax credits with public/private funding sources

The LADF's New Markets Tax Credit allocations awarded to date:
$50,000,000 - 2022 Allocation
$50,000,000 - 2020 Allocation
$35,000,000 - 2018 Allocation (Fully Invested)
$50,000,000 - 2017 Allocation (Fully Invested)
$50,000,000 - 2015/2016 Allocation (Fully Invested)
$50,000,000 - 2011 Allocation (Fully Invested)
$75,000,000 - 2007 Allocation (Fully Invested)

The LADF is a California non-profit corporation established by the City of Los Angeles in September 2006 with the purpose of managing a New Markets Tax Credit program. The LADF is certified by the US Treasury Department's Community Development Financial Institutions Fund as a Community Development Entity, as defined under New Markets Tax Credit regulations.